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By | 16th April 2018


The Tudor Tudor brand is also owned by Rolex Watches and is positioned as a second-tier brand in its company. In the past, the Tudor Outsole was designed to imitate Rolex’s designs, ranging from Submariner to Day-Date, and DateJust (Oyster Prince DateJust). The Tudor Tudor also has some unique models, such as Mini-Sub and other models, but they are only a few exceptions. Recently, they have also begun to break the traditional, Rolex traditional production style and completely different Rolex watches, such as the Tiger Chronograph after signing Toger Woods’s contemporary speech.


Rolex Watches

The Tedodo Tudor used the case of Rolex Oyster, and the words Rolex were engraved on the back of the watch. Rolex’s own watch was not engraved with such words (SeaDweller was an exception), but the watch used by the watch was 316L stainless steel, while Rolex uses a stronger 904 steel. In addition, many Imperial watches also have the Rolex crown on the crown.


Tudor does not use the Rolex movement (at least not for long periods of time) and the Emperor uses the ETA movement.


As members of the Rolex Watches family, they are more expensive than other brands of watches with similar ETA movements. Part of the Tudor was used as a military watch. These special watches are of collectable value. Rose Tudor’s old Tudor is more collectible than the shield’s new Tudor. Military-style pointers are more collectable than the Mercedes-Benz pointers.

Production year determined by serial number

Chris said: “Obviously Rolex Watches manufacturers did not leave Tudor’s serial number records as they did for Rolex. The only way to find out the exact date was to open the back cover to find the date stamp. The format is this: I/78 , II/88, III/79 and IV/71. The first Roman numeral represents the quarter of the watch’s production year, and the Arabic numerals are the year of production.”

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