Rolex watch crown original hidden important password

By | 5th July 2018

Generally speaking, everyone pays attention to the details of the watch. It may pay attention to the appearance, internal components, etc. Few people will go to the article on the crown, and everyone’s understanding of the watch is not comprehensive, so Rolex and other Like some hot-selling brands, it has become the darling of replica watches. Interestingly, the crown of Rolex watches is slightly different from other watches. You can see the passwords contained in the crown information. ?

Dots or horizontal lines usually appear under the crown symbol of the Crown of Rolex watches. With these data, it is possible to easily judge the watch material, the case structure, and the like.

One dot indicates that the watch is made of PT950 platinum, two dots indicate that the watch is made of K gold, and three dots indicate that the watch has a triple waterproof design.

Rolex watch

Also in the triple waterproof version, if the point between the three dots is relatively small, it means that it is platinum material; if the point between the three dots is larger, it means that it is a K gold case. As for the size of the three dots, the case is usually made of 18K gold, 18K white gold or 904L steel.

1 horizontal line represents the double waterproof function of the watch

The representative watch is a double waterproof function that is more common under Rolex, and the horizontal line represents the same size of the above three dots, that is, it may be K gold, gold enamel, or 904L steel, in the Rolex watch. In this paragraph, the proportion of such horizontal lines appears to be relatively high.

The so-called triple waterproof is also the patented three-locked winding crown design. This is a waterproof design specially designed for diving watches. It is usually equipped with three locks in the models that can waterproof more than 300 meters. The crown is composed of 10 parts. When the wearer operates, the first section of the crown is pulled up, the second section is date adjusted, and the last section is used for setting the time.

Now Rolex has three waterproof standards, 100 meters, 300 meters and 3900 meters of deep diving level. Of course, the three waterproof standards are very different. Through the understanding of these basic characteristics, I hope that everyone can have a basic understanding of the basic attributes of the Rolex watch.

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