Rolex recommended – if I have a boat

By | 8th March 2018

Rolex recommended -If I have a boat, then I must sail it sailing to sea, I have the opportunity to also want to participate in the competition. So at that time I would need a precise watch and be able to use it when I was sailing, and the blue and deep sea is mysterious. For men it is only the desire to conquer it. Today Xiao Bian has recommended three wrist-mounted weaponry to everyone. It can be said that it is a perfect companion for navigation.

Tide Table – CORUM 45mm Tidal A277/02401

This watch can be said to be a great navigation watch. Saying it is a seafaring weapon, it can never be over-differentiated. It has a unique tidal function and is suitable for the French Navy’s cooperation for three years before it was developed. On the 12 o’clock dial, it records the strength of the tide; the 6 o’clock dial indicates the tidal time within 24 hours; the 9 o’clock rise and fall of the tide and the strength of the water flow. If you really go to sea, grasp the strength and timing of tides is necessary, we can say that this watch is designed for adventure sports to do.

Countdown to 10 minutes – Rolex Yacht Master Series 116680.78210
Rolex recommended
This is a product of Rolex in 2013, with a 10-minute countdown function, which is useful for attending sailing competitions. It is through mechanical memory to freeze the pointer there, once opened timing, the countdown pointer will be synchronized rotation. It is the only pure steel model in the series, and the price is the cheapest. It is also the first time that this series uses a ceramic bezel, which makes it more wear-resistant.

Countdown five minutes – PANERAI 1950 series sailing countdown PAM00526

Coincidentally, this PANERAI is also launched in 2013, I do not know if it is not the ancestral origins of the two brands have an unknown tacit understanding it? Do not look at it advertises a 5-minute countdown, but in fact it can countdown 60 minutes (or longer), but Panerai believes in the last 5 minutes of the regatta more critical, so only that area Marked out, and Rolex can only record 10 minutes, in this aspect of the winning side.

If Xiaobian really have a boat, then I will certainly choose one of these watches, and then find three or two friends, ready to travel a few daily necessities, through the hot ghost weather, come back.

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