ROLEX Explorer II Watch

By | 10th March 2018

No matter how senior adventurers are, it is believed that they must possess certain special equipment to survive in the wild. A full-featured, yet robust watch is essential for every adventurer. In the early 1970s, Rolex launched the first Explorer Series watch for professionals interested in the adventure industry. The model was Ref. 1655 at that time.

However, compared to the later Rolex Explorers of the first and second generations, performance and configuration are not comparable, because the era is developing, the watch industry is constantly improving. At the Swiss watch fair in 2011, ROLEX launched a new explorer-type second-generation wristwatch, which is arguably better than blue.

ROLEX Explorer II Watch Preview

ROLEX Explorer II Watch

This watch continues the first explorer style design, the central pointer uses orange design elements, the surface diameter from the previous 40mm expanded to 42mm, so that the wearer when reading more clearly and accurately, and with GMT when The function allows adventurers to observe the time in different places. Design can be described as fully equipped with all the classic elements of the traditional Rolex, with a classic orange GMT pointer is particularly classic, white dial is clean, black pointer is clear, the bezel is solid and practical, and drawing fine without indentation, with a moving heart of beauty.

The element of movement reveals a gentle atmosphere. Tan can be said to be a wild watch. The watch uses a classic skull shell, but the biggest feature is the use of orange 24-hour GMT hands, controlled by the crown. The hour hand still uses the icon of the classic Mercedes Benz design, the white plate with a black pointer, allowing the wearer to read more accurate and clear.

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