Rolex 2018 Basel new full forecast

By | 20th March 2018

Although the Basel Watch Fair in 2018 is still some time away, watchmakers are concerned about the watch brand, what kind of new Rolex watches will be the focus of public attention. People have also made various speculations about this, among which the most mainstream forecasts have several paragraphs. Let’s look at them separately.


Last year was the 50th anniversary of the Rolex Sea Model. As a result, at the Baselworld, Rolex introduced a brand new marine model. This year is the Rolex classic series Submariner is entering its 65th anniversary, you can imagine that Rolex is destined to have a big move. One of the most popular predictions is that Rolex may have a single red Submariner, continuing the previous year’s sea-based “single red” boom, in particular the use of red characters to deduce the depth of dive figures, and the rest of the appearances roughly follow the current Submariner. In addition, following the use of the new 3235 calibre on its sports watches for the first time last year, Rolex Submariner is likely to adopt a new movement this year.

In addition, with the application of rubber straps on part of Rolex watches, this year’s single red Submariner is likely to introduce the Osyterflex rubber strap models, especially from the previous rubber strap Rolex watches, sales performance is very good.

Rolex White Plate Explorer I


Another prediction is Rolex explorer Explorer I. Before the black explorer Explorer I 214270, it was not impossible to produce a watch of the opposite color. The contrast of the white dial and the black hour markers, hands and LOGO makes the watch black and white clear and looks very stylish.

As for Rolex Explorer I, there was a slight change in the year before and it was replaced with Chromalight blue luminous figures. In 2010, Explorer I made a sizing adjustment from 36mm to 39mm. From the current trend, if the Explorer I is actually a white plate, it is also a 39mm version. The white plate of Explorer I is a rare Rolex model. In 2013, Christie’s auctioned an extremely rare white plate Rolex 6610 with over a million transactions. It can be said that the Explorer I of the flourish is extremely rare and very popular among collectors. If Rolex I really faced up with a white-faced Explorer I this year, it would be a great sensation.

Rolex Celeini watch

Last year’s Basel, in addition to the new sea-made watch, the most surprising and most amazing is the Rolex Chellini moon phase watch. We all know that Rolex does not do complex functions, and its watches are generally more pragmatic, but we also know that Rolex does not not do complex functions, historical Rolex watches are also complex, we are at the auction You can also see the famous Rolex 6062 “Bao Dai”. The number of Rolex Rolex contenders for these complex functions is often low, and they often produce good prices. From Rolex last year, Rolex out of a “most practical watch function” – the phase of the moon watch, we have reason to believe that maybe this year Rolex will bring more complicated watches, such as the classic calendar, with Moon phase or no moon phase.

As for the design of this Cellini watch, the date display is located on the outer ring of the dial. The indicator indicates that the day and month are displayed on the right and left sides of the crown LOGO. If there is a moon phase, the moon phase is of course located at 6 o’clock. In fact, this layout is also the most common layout of Rolex antique watches.

Rolex DAY-DATE 36

The last prediction is about DAY-DATE 36. With the release of Rolex’s new-generation 32-series movement, we can imagine the upgrade of the Rolex series. At the Baselworld 2015 exhibition, Rolex released the DAY-DATE 40 watch and replaced it with a brand-new 3255 movement. As the classic DAY-DATE 36 watch as Rolex’s long-lasting style, this year there is a great chance that the movement will be upgraded to a 3255 movement.

The 3255-type movement uses Rolex’s patented Chronergy escapement system design. This is the first Rolex self-developed escapement. This is the biggest highlight of this movement. In addition, the power reserve time of the 3255 movement was increased by 50% to 70 hours. As for the appearance of DAY-DATE 36, we imagined the above three styles, including platinum, rose gold, and gold, all with leather straps. The dial color, in addition to the classic white and chocolate has always been very popular, we also think of a teak grain silver dial.

Of course, the above models are speculation, the real new Rolex we can only go to the scene after the Basel watch in March to know!

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