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Blancpain Watch and Fairmont Le Montreux Palace

From September 26th to 27th, 2017, Dani García, the most prestigious Andalusian chef in the world, exhibited his culinary skills in two Michelin-starred chef nights. During this stay in Switzerland, the Hispanic gourmet master and the Blancpain brand friend also visited the Blancpain watchmaking workshop with great pleasure. During his time in Switzerland, Dani García… Read More »

Blancpain Leman Collection Men’s Watch

Brand story Blancpain is a contemporary watchmaker specializing in fine mechanical watches and finely crafted watches. Its sense of luxury has attracted the attention of countless admirers for more than 250 years. The Blancpain watch adheres to its pure handcrafted tradition, which began in 1735, and is the gold standard for measuring watchmaking art. From… Read More »

Blancpain Flying Tourbillon Jumping Retrograde Minutes Watch

Since Blancpain introduced the first flying tourbillon watch in 1989, the brand’s 2018 Basel International Watch Fair once again made a new interpretation of this legendary advanced complication. This year, the brand revolutionized the tourbillon technology and added two new complications, instant and retrograde, to complete the Villeret classic series of flying tourbillon jumping and… Read More »

Blancpain watch leather strap maintenance

The leather strap of the Blancpain watch has a shorter service life than the metal strap. The average wearing time is about 2-3 years. It is a consumable item, but as long as it is usually maintained and worn, it can be worn according to the characteristics of the leather. Greatly extend its service life.… Read More »

Blancpain 1956: The birth of a legend

With bold new design, ladybird is amazing “The first to introduce the world’s smallest round mechanical watch” – this is the advertising campaign of the gorgeous ladybird watch in 1956. At that time, the jewelry watch was still raging, and the gorgeous decoration almost occupied the entire face of the watch. Blancpain, as a genius,… Read More »

Blancpain’s full-time calendar phase watch launched a new brand

Since its debut in 2002, the functions of the calendar, moon, and phases in both places have laid the cornerstone of Blancpain in the industry. At the Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show in 2018, Blancpain will launch a new full-time, full-time, monthly-phase watch with a brand-specific hidden adjustment button. In-depth interpretation, achievements and another… Read More »