Blancpain wins two industry awards

Blancpain Watch in 1735, Blancpain is the oldest watch brand in Swiss history and the first registered watch brand in the world. Blancpain Watch is one of the most sophisticated mechanical watches, and it is also one of the few brands in the world that can design, develop, manufacture, assemble and sell (from A to… Read More »

HUBLOT Presents Big Bang One Click Sapphire Watch for Mother’s Day

HUBLOT Presents Big Bang One Click Sapphire Watch for Mother’s Day The beauty of women will not be passed by time. Independence and self-confidence will make women more relaxed and bright. In any generation, there are trend-setting fashion women. The beauty of the mother also highlights the pure, independent, long-lasting charm. HUBLOT’s Hublot watch transforms… Read More »

Rolex watch recommended

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Weekly Calendar 40 watch, the Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster 39 watch and the Oyster Perpetual Cosmotimer Daytona watch are here to witness every warm moment. Using precision chronometers certified by top-level observatories, the warmest gatherings and hugs record the most honest seconds. Oyster Perpetual Weekly Calendar 40 & Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster 39… Read More »

Blancpain watch leather strap maintenance

The leather strap of the Blancpain watch has a shorter service life than the metal strap. The average wearing time is about 2-3 years. It is a consumable item, but as long as it is usually maintained and worn, it can be worn according to the characteristics of the leather. Greatly extend its service life.… Read More »

Hublot Watches World Poker Tour Limited Edition

Hublot’s specially designed Big Bang Unico World Poker Tour Limited Edition incorporates poker elements into its design. Inspired by the iconic Big Bang appearance, this watch is equipped with a Hublot self-made UNICO fly-back chronograph movement, with a column wheel and two-level bearings on the dial. The new details clearly show the characteristics of the… Read More »

Rolex Watches & Tudor Watches

trademark The Tudor Tudor brand is also owned by Rolex Watches and is positioned as a second-tier brand in its company. In the past, the Tudor Outsole was designed to imitate Rolex’s designs, ranging from Submariner to Day-Date, and DateJust (Oyster Prince DateJust). The Tudor Tudor also has some unique models, such as Mini-Sub and… Read More »

HUBLOT watches introduce new classic fusion clock Berluti watch

The new classic fusion timed Berluti watch combines Hublot’s creative watchmaking talent with Berluti’s original Patina’s ancient art dyeing art. For decades, Berluti has continued to forge ahead and refine its extraordinary craftsmanship to create the ultimate Patina ancient dyeing process leather. The fusion of traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology has led us to combine… Read More »

Blancpain 1956: The birth of a legend

With bold new design, ladybird is amazing “The first to introduce the world’s smallest round mechanical watch” – this is the advertising campaign of the gorgeous ladybird watch in 1956. At that time, the jewelry watch was still raging, and the gorgeous decoration almost occupied the entire face of the watch. Blancpain, as a genius,… Read More »