HUBLOT watches introduce new classic fusion clock Berluti watch

By | 4th April 2018

The new classic fusion timed Berluti watch combines Hublot’s creative watchmaking talent with Berluti’s original Patina’s ancient art dyeing art.

For decades, Berluti has continued to forge ahead and refine its extraordinary craftsmanship to create the ultimate Patina ancient dyeing process leather. The fusion of traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology has led us to combine it with the exquisite mechanics of Hublot watches. The harmonious style between the wrist and the foot creates the eternal elegance of the modern gentleman! ” – Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe

HUBLOT watches

HUBLOT Hublot Launches New Classic Fusion Timing Berluti Watches

In 1895, Alessandro Berluti from Italy founded the Berluti brand in France. Today, Berluti has become a family of shoes in Paris for a century and is well-known for men’s footwear, accessories and apparel. Among them, Berluti footwear is the first choice for men with the most elegant style, and its bold and innovative Patina ancient art dyeing art is more convincing.

In 2016, the Swiss watchmaking brand Hublot and Berluti joined forces for the first time, introducing the classic fusion Berluti watch series. At the time of the 120th anniversary of Berluti’s 120th anniversary, this series of wristwatches captured the essence of the shoemaking process for the first time in the history of watchmaking and presented it in the form of a wristwatch. The straps and dials of this series are made from Berluti’s classic Venezia leather, which places a higher demand on the exclusive tanning process developed by Alessandro’s descendant Olga Berluti – the leather must undergo a very elaborate and complex process in order to be suitable for watches. . For example, the leather on the dial must be completely dehydrated to ensure that the case is absolutely dry.

Hublot launches new classic fusion timing Berluti watch

HUBLOT watches

A year later, Hublot has further applied Berluti’s signature leather to combine such a noble natural material with a classic fusion chronograph. This is obviously a more arduous and complicated creation. On the dial of the classic fusion chronograph watch, the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions consist of two chronograph dials respectively. For this reason, the watchmaker must re-create the design and develop a new process to ensure that the leather can stably adhere to Run on such a complicated dial.

The new classic fusion timing clock Berluti watch was born, with a proud 45 mm diameter dial, and Scritto King gold and Scritto all black to choose from. Each watch has a limited collection of 250 pieces, each with a hand strap, a Berluti custom watch box and a complete set of Berluti leather care products.

The Hublot watch made Berluti’s creative talent shine in the wrist.

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