HUBLOT Watch Big Bang Embroidered Watch

By | 30th July 2018

Charm and sexy, full of feminine charm
Dragonfly and vine pattern

The Swiss watchmaking brand HUBLOT cherishes the Swiss watchmaking tradition and is dedicated to connecting the past and the future, blending Swiss watchmaking tradition with 21st century innovation.

Throughout the ages, the exquisite embroidery that highlights the ultimate feminine charm has always been irresistible, and wearing an embroidered watch is the ultimate interpretation of “intimacy”. Romantic and sexy embroidery always makes people think about the beauty of women: exquisite and noble, but also fascinating. With a fine needle to ease the delicate art of portrait, vivid. Hublot is once again visiting the art world in its unique way, paying homage to traditional needlework with the ingenious Swiss St. Gallen embroidery!

As one of Switzerland’s traditional crafts, 100% embroidery St. Gallen in Switzerland. Embroidery is the earliest decorative language of mankind. The traditional embroidery technique from St. Gallen in Switzerland is famous all over the world. This Big Bang embroidery watch undoubtedly combines the most feminine embroidery pattern art with the top material innovation process, once again confirming Yu. The “art of fusion”.


Hublot and the Swiss top Bischoff embroidery company, which offers embroidery for haute couture, have come together to develop a unique pattern to blend in with the iconic design of Big Bang. The Big Bang embroidered watch dial is engraved with 11 diamonds, while the bezel and strap are soft and gentle vine patterns, which interpret the rebellious sex with the beauty of collision. This is also a technological innovation, and the research and development team has worked hard for several months.

The embroidery elements were shipped to St. Gallen in Switzerland and shipped to Hublot replica watches in the Lake Geneva region. Some of the solutions were developed by the team in the Jura Valley. The black carbon fiber dial with embroidered pattern is forged in a wonderful process – similar to the manufacturing process of high-tech carbon fiber parts, the embroidery elements stuck on the tulle are injection molded in carbon fiber to enhance the texture of the material. This manufacturing process is an unprecedented innovation, unparalleled in the world!

After that, all the components were assembled at Hublot’s watchmaking factory in Nyon. Designed for watch connoisseurs, this ladies’ watch features a HUB1110 automatic mechanical movement with 63 parts, 21 gems and 42-hour power reserve. The Big Bang embroidered watch is a beautiful woman, and will be available in three versions: gold, silver and all black, with sparkling diamonds. Hublot is the first in the world of creation, and a wonderful new journey is about to open!

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