Hublot new BIG BANG UNICO 42 mm watch

By | 11th July 2018

In 2010, Hublot released the self-developed UNICO 45 chronograph movement for the first time. In 2013, it was applied to the Big Bang watch series, which was completely designed, developed, produced and assembled by its own watch factory. It is a blockbuster! The UNICO HUB 1242 is a chronograph movement with a flyback function that can be turned into a zero at any time and is a pioneer in the watchmaking industry. The front of the dial enjoys the mechanical beauty of the column wheel and is distinguished by a dual clutch mechanism and a column wheel. The self-detaching escapement bridge deck increases the convenience of maintenance and adjustment.

This year, Hublot’s R&D team upgraded the movement to a slimmer HUB1280 chronograph movement, which was mounted on the Big Bang Unico 42mm watch, providing a more diverse range for the Big Bang replica watches uk. Size combination. The HUB1280 chronograph movement is still equipped with a dual clutch mechanism and a column wheel that can be seen on the dial side. It is equipped with a newly developed automatic winding system. After removing the platform escapement, the thickness is reduced by 1.3 mm and the diameter of the movement is still 30 mm.


Based on the style, reliability and robustness of the HUB 1242 movement (8.05 mm thick) – the expertise of the three achievements, the HUB 1280 movement (thickness 6.75 mm) is fully upgraded and optimized for easy assembly. The wearer appreciates the movement of the movement through the dial and the back of the watch. The total number of assembled parts increased from 330 to 354, and the number of rubies increased from 38 in the previous version to 43. A two-way system with ball bearings replaces the Pellaton self-winding system. Power reserve is still maintained for 72 hours.

With the birth of this new self-made chronograph movement, Hublot’s most iconic Big Bang series officially ushered in a new size, with a case diameter extending from 45 mm to 42 mm and a thickness upgrade from 15.45 mm. It is 14.5 mm. The new Big Bang Unico 42mm watch is not only optimized in size, but also in different materials, including titanium, ceramic and gold. Both men and women can wear, fashion, style by me.

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