Hublot and Brand Ambassador Release Brand New Big Bang Unico Golf Watch

By | 12th March 2018

In recent news, Dustin Johnson has precise timing control, amazing explosiveness, and precise controllability. With the help of Dustin Johnson, Hublot hopes to create a golf watch that combines mechanicality, durability, functionality and legibility. It is a brand concept that can express Hublot watches, but also demonstrates the personality of Dustin Johnson. The watch is also a design that is simple, clear and efficient. This also means that golf watches can return to mechanical art from a digital trend.

Hublot, the Swiss watch brand, teamed up with golf world number one golfer and world champion Dustin Johnson Johnson to launch the Hublot Big Bang Unico golf watch. This wrist watch, specifically designed for precision golfing, was designed, developed and manufactured by Hublot. Based on the UNICO movement, it was equipped with a module designed specifically for golf.

The new MHUB 1580 caliber brings a powerful boost to the golfer’s green driving: Not only can you easily record the number of shots, but you can also calculate the total number of shots. This highly functional ultra-light golf mechanical watch combines durability and legibility, making it a true golf professional watch.

Dustin Johnson is a man in the field of golf, and Hublot is also a world leader in the watch industry. Both parties share the pursuit of precision and perfection, and they all go forward with their determination of perseverance and daring to break through the limits. Today, the two have joined hands to unveil the Big Bang Unico golf watch, which is bound to shake the world!

Hublot Golf Watch

Hublot Golf Watch

The case of the Big Bang Unico Golf Watch is made of Texalium®, an ultralight composite material unique to Hublot, a composite of carbon fiber and aluminum. Each Big Bang Unico golf watch weighs only 97.93 grams!

The Big Bang Unico Golf Watch combines the look and functionality of a chronograph watch. The heart-centered zero eccentric mounted on the movement ensures that the counting device is robust and reliable. At the 2 o’clock position of the watch, there is a button in the shape of a golf putter, and the number of swings per hole can be calculated. When the wearer is ready to go to the next hole, the score counter can be reset by pressing the button at 4 o’clock.

The counter at 6 o’clock shows the total number of clubs and updates in real time. The button at the 8 o’clock position resembles a driver’s seat and is used to complete all the holes and restart all counting devices. The button is rotated by 45┬░ to lock, which prevents the wearer from touching it inadvertently during the game.

The full hollow design of the MHUB1580 movement allows the wearer to have an unobstructed view of the mechanical operation of the watch. This watch is equipped with two “one-button” quick replacement straps. The design of the white leather strap is inspired by professional golf gloves; the other strap is glued with high-tech fibers and Velcro to ensure that the watch fits snugly and securely.

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