The key to the value of a watch is not only the dial but also the strap

By | 10th April 2018

Dressing up for a cool summer time is the best opportunity for watch lovers to show their wrist time. In addition to the color of the dial, the size of the lugs, and the shape of the bezel, there are also bracelets that are close to the skin at 360 degrees! Whether it is elegant leather or cool metal, black and white simple or colorful gorgeous, the choice of strap on the impact of the value of the watch is crucial.

For the strap selection, everyone will have their own preferences, and some easily overlooked details are often the places people care about most. For this reason, the brand’s exquisite and unique craftsmanship is included in every strap. It is as good as the production of the watch itself.

In Blancpain, a Swiss watchmaking brand with 281 years of history, only the most exquisite straps are worthy of the top watches. Below, let’s take a look at Blancpain’s sincerity and ingenuity for strap production.

Alligator straps are unique from leather lines to hand-stitched

Blancpao crocodile leather strap

There is no perfect watch that can lack the straps. A fine leather strap with exquisite workmanship is a symbol of high quality and luxurious taste. Most of Blancpain’s leather straps are made of crocodile leather from the Mississippi River. After selecting the finest leather, Blancpain’s craftsmen first perform individual dyeing and tanning.

Of course, this is just the beginning of making a perfect strap. In order to achieve a more delicate leather texture, Blancpain accurately classifies all sizes and shapes of crocodile leathers with the right size and rigorous process to show their beauty. It is worth mentioning that the backing of the Blancpain strap is also sewn to the same standard and must be made of a soft, non-skin-sensitive material such as Blancpain’s commonly used Alzavel calfskin or rubber lining.

Afterwards, Blancpain cuts each crocodile leather strap by hand and carefully selects the harmonious part of the texture to carry out the next hand-stitched sewing, and cooperates with special backing treatment to prevent loosening of the strap edge. occur. At this point, the strap that meets the Blancpain standard was finally born.

The process of ordinary leather straps has been complex enough, and the leather straps of the giant waves and cherry orphan watches launched in 2016 are more distinguished. The time required to make the watch itself takes 10 to 20 hours. After the production is completed, it is also necessary to wait for a certain period of time so that the glue used to assemble the watchband and paint is completely cured until the final color is achieved. The whole process is down and it takes up to 30 days.

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