Blancpain watch leather strap maintenance

By | 10th May 2018

The leather strap of the Blancpain watch has a shorter service life than the metal strap. The average wearing time is about 2-3 years. It is a consumable item, but as long as it is usually maintained and worn, it can be worn according to the characteristics of the leather. Greatly extend its service life.

The natural enemy of the leather strap of the Blancpain watch

1, the skin strap is the most taboo of water, and even human sweat, water will make the leather hard and embrittlement, should not be immersed in the water in the strap for a long time, or exposed to a humid environment. If you get wet, dry it with a dry cloth, or dry it and let it dry before use to prevent odor or mildew.

2. The sun will decolorize the replica watches uk leather strap and accelerate the aging of the cortex, so do not expose it to prolonged exposure in the sun.

3, forced pulling will make the strap a common fixed position cracks, the greater the strap bending, the more likely to break, so be sure to wear a watch gentle movement, leather strap due to water or cold weather hardened, easy to bend the shape, Do not fold it at this time so as not to damage the cortex.

Blancpain leather cleaning and maintenance

1, when the strap produces odor, use a toothbrush dipped in a little soapy water, clear the dirty place, and then wipe gently with a damp cloth, the cleaning process as fast as possible, to avoid infiltration of soapy water and affect the cortex.

2, can use a higher concentration of medicinal alcohol spray on the strap, and then beeswax or leather maintenance oil wipe, you can remove the strap smell, but also disinfection, moisture, anti-mildew effect, protect the leather strap. For those who are more sensitive to the skin, it is recommended not to use oily skin care products on the back of the strap that is in contact with the skin.

3, when sleeping, the strap can be placed in a ventilated place, so that the cortical cells open to breathe.

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