Blancpain Flying Tourbillon Jumping Retrograde Minutes Watch

By | 28th June 2018

Since Blancpain introduced the first flying tourbillon watch in 1989, the brand’s 2018 Basel International Watch Fair once again made a new interpretation of this legendary advanced complication. This year, the brand revolutionized the tourbillon technology and added two new complications, instant and retrograde, to complete the Villeret classic series of flying tourbillon jumping and jumping minutes. The unique design of this watch’s tourbillon device is just like floating in the air. The masters of the complex workshop of Blancpain’s large and complex watchmaking craftsmanship handmade and exquisitely adorned the movement and the dial of the Daominghuo dial became the dazzling display of this year’s show. Fake goods.

Like all of Blancpain’s movements, this flying tourbillon movement is also 100% original production, this practice has become an integral part of Blancpain’s traditional watchmaking process. By removing the upper bridge in the traditional tourbillon design, the transparent construction allows one to take a closer look at the tourbillon and its internal core components with unparalleled visual effects. In addition, the new Villeret Classic Series Flying Tourbillon Jumping Retrograde Minutes replica watches uk goes even further and even removes the original bottom bridge of the tourbillon device and replaces it with transparent sapphire glass. In this way, the tourbillon frame, balance wheel, and escapement system that are connected to it are like floating air, which has a smart sense of beauty.


Whether it is a jump-time function or a retrograde minute function, these two complex functions were first introduced in Blancpain’s product line. The hour and minute displays are grouped together and the hour display window is placed above the retrograde minute display. In Blancpain’s Métiers d’Art Master Studio, Blancpain has always insisted on applying exquisite craftsmanship to aesthetic design, using traditional infill technology to create a classic Ming-Dong Firestone dial. The watchmakers first created a fine space on the golden chassis. Subsequently, several layers of enamel were painted on the dial by hand and burned in a high-temperature fire at 800 degrees Celsius. After completion, a special drilling and polishing process is also performed around the hour display window and the tourbillon window to bring more complex and delicate touch to create a fascinating and profound effect.

This incomparable pursuit of detail is also reflected in the movement. The movement splints are all decorated with enamel. Through the crystal-clear sapphire glass case back, the wearer can also enjoy the beauty of the famous Blancpain, as well as a power reserve display panel decorated with a enamel pattern.

Blancpain’s New Villeret Classic Series Flying Tourbillon Jumping Retrograde Minutes Watch

The new Villeret classic series flying tourbillon jumping time retrograde minutes watch, using 42 mm double bezel red gold case, with a crocodile leather strap or metal bracelet, the strap are used folding clasp. In addition, a limited number of 20 platinum plates are available for selection.

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