Blancpain 1956: The birth of a legend

By | 29th March 2018

With bold new design, ladybird is amazing

“The first to introduce the world’s smallest round mechanical watch” – this is the advertising campaign of the gorgeous ladybird watch in 1956. At that time, the jewelry watch was still raging, and the gorgeous decoration almost occupied the entire face of the watch. Blancpain, as a genius, launched the world’s smallest circular movement, Cal.R550, to achieve a great technical feat. This movement is only 11.85 mm in size, but it has more than 40 hours of power reserve, which was amazing at the time. In pursuit of ultimate beauty, the winding function of the crown was made into a rotating bezel, concealed on the back of the watch – in fact, the magic of “letting the head disappear” was a reinvention of the original classic design of the 1926 Blancpain watch. With tribute. The diameter of the shaft on the escape wheel is only 0.07 mm, which is even smaller than one hair.

Once launched, the ladybird watch has achieved tremendous success and became the new favorite of many elegant ladies. Over the years, the ladybird watch has been developed to meet the most demanding taste requirements. From a full-gem watch to an avant-garde watch with a replaceable bracelet, it has produced a series of beautiful works. The elegant ladybird unfolded its exquisite wings, capturing the hearts of women year after year.

Yesterday and today

Sixty years later, the ladybird watch is still popular. Blancpain has also launched the new Cal. 6150 automatic winding movement to pay tribute to this classic watch that has played an important role in the history of women’s wristwatches. With a diameter of only 15.7 mm, this movement is still one of the smallest self-winding movements in the world.

For Blancpain, who has always been concerned about women, what better way to embody this festival than to create a Valentine’s watch for women? The number of Valentine’s Day watches in 2016 is limited to 99. The watch is embellished with a heart-shaped ruby ​​and a diamond-studded arrow. This detachable charm adds an extraordinary charm to the watch.

In order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the birth of the ladybird watch and to exhibit at the Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair this year, Blancpain has also designed another ladybird watch. The dial of this watch is made of contrasting mother-of-pearl trim, shaped like layers of delicate leaves. The strap is specially made from Louisiana crocodile skin, creating an exquisitely elegant look. There are 32 diamonds on the bezel, which complement the eight diamonds on the dial. The pointer is a drop-shaped shape, showing a light sense of agility. The case is made of white gold. Through the back of the crystal on the back of the watch, you can see the dynamic beauty of the diamond.

Ladybird watch
Blancpain 60th Anniversary Women’s Ladybird Watch

In addition to these two beautiful pieces, Blancpain also launched two other ladybird watches at this year’s Baselworld. One of them uses a mother-of-pearl dial with 4 heart-shaped rubies. In addition, a detachable and inverted heart-shaped ornament on the wristwatch brings an extraordinary and elegant charm to the watch. Another model uses a red gold case with a creamy white dial and a diamond bezel design. Coupled with a seven-spotted ladybird inlaid with 7 rubies and 11 diamonds. With the continuous enrichment of this series of works, the ladybird series watches continue to lead the development of ladies watches.

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