Basel watch new products: Blancpain push Binch ō tan carbon technology watch

By | 7th June 2018

In Blancpain Métiers d’Art’s “Master of Art” studio, watchmakers continue to adhere to the tradition of innovation and incorporate a series of ancient decorative techniques rarely seen in the watchmaking industry into watch works.

This year, Blancpain ushers in the launch of the brand’s first new watch featuring the Binch ōtan carbon dial, a special charcoal fired from Uganka in the Kisho region of Japan.

Blancpain’s new Villeret Classic Collection

Blancpain watche

Binchtan is a type of Japanese charcoal that has been traditionally fired and dates back 400 years. The peculiarity of this charcoal is its extremely high density after combustion, which is the result of calcined wood from Ubamegashi in a high-temperature fire at 1000-1300 degrees Celsius. After a brief combustion process, the wood is rapidly cooled and the bark is reduced to ashes, which then form a hard, iron-like surface.

The long-prepared charcoal, which is known for its purity, is rarely used for decorative purposes, and Blancpain now uses a series of ingenious works of art to give this natural material a new expression and mission. In the Métiers d’Art “Master of Art” studio of Le Brassus, a major watchmaking town, Blancpain’s artistic masters continue to embrace eternal innovative ideas and continue to make bold attempts. Today, they use this seventeen. Century’s Eastern Technology to make a dial. They first cleaned long carbon preparations, cut them into thin discs, and then applied several layers of Asian lacquer resin to prevent them from aging; then they polished the plates to enhance the natural texture and color tone of the long carbons. Layering, then carefully decorated with colored paint. Subsequently, Blancpain’s watchmakers adopted the Dongqin Bronze Technology, which was first introduced into the watch field in 2015, and adorned the dial with an antique hand-crafted patina-gilt gold decal.

In addition to the above method of making, you can also create artistic creations on the surface of the long carbon, and then make a more gorgeous dial with the dial of the Ming dynasty.

The new Villeret classic series “Masters of the Arts” studio Binch ōtan charcoal craft watch once again demonstrated the creativity and excellent watchmaking craftsmanship of Blancpain. Each “Master” studio watch uk replica watches is orphaned, this craft watch uses 42 mm diameter red gold double bezel; through the sapphire glass back, can clearly appreciate the 13R3A machine carried inside it Eight-day power reserve display on the core and plywood.

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