Antique gold plated Rolex sub

By | 15th June 2018

The Rolex Submariner is definitely one of collectors’ favorite series. Many new entrants and experienced collectors will be happy to choose it. Sub has been modified n times since the beginning of 1954. The more unusual features are, the more sought-after.

Many Rolex antique watch collectors prefer sub calendars, which are more faithful to the original 6204 original than those with calendars. And no sub calendar at the time is a very typical diving watch, this simple and elegant design will never be outdated, today is also the most fashionable fashion fashion masterpiece.

The 5513 was produced from 1962 until 1989. However, unlike the previous Rolex, the 5513 was equipped with the Cali.1520 movement without the Observatory’s certification, and no additional “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified.” It sounds like it wasn’t Rolex fake watches who used to search for precision movements, but in turn think about how if it was not too hard, how did it continue to produce for 28 years and was always highly sought after?

In this sense, the 5513 is indeed a classic, but the same design has been used for nearly 30 years, even if the Rolex is also a little tired. Therefore, the details of the different batches of the 5513 have changed. Almost every change implies a different year of manufacture.

Antique gold plated Rolex
The earlier batch of 5513 used a gold-plated dial, but by 1967 it had been replaced by a white matt black dial with many antiques. The gold-plated 5513 instantly became a very rare and highly sought after watch by collectors.

Another feature on the disk is the depth display of “meter first/mf”, which means that it is the earliest model of this model. In addition to the prototype model, the gold-plated dial and part of the dumb disc 5513 are preceded by meters. The depth and the number of feet are printed in front of the meters.

In the first few years of 1962, the design of the 5513 could be said to be very modern. It soon became publicly recognized, artistic diving equipment, and accompanied many divers and oceanographers to go to the sea together (dive, do not think too much).

Of course, except for underwater operators who are quite optimistic about it, even the military agencies in many countries at that time also had a preference for 5513. Unfortunately, most of them were already damaged or lost. As a result, the amount of gold plating 5513 that we can see today is even less…

There are still many subtle details that may seem unremarkable but can always be a collector’s heart. And there are many 5513 still occupy the wearer’s wrist, accurate operation.

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