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Blancpain 1956: The birth of a legend

With bold new design, ladybird is amazing “The first to introduce the world’s smallest round mechanical watch” – this is the advertising campaign of the gorgeous ladybird watch in 1956. At that time, the jewelry watch was still raging, and the gorgeous decoration almost occupied the entire face of the watch. Blancpain, as a genius,… Read More »

Rolex 2018 Basel new full forecast

Although the Basel Watch Fair in 2018 is still some time away, watchmakers are concerned about the watch brand, what kind of new Rolex watches will be the focus of public attention. People have also made various speculations about this, among which the most mainstream forecasts have several paragraphs. Let’s look at them separately. Rolex… Read More »

Hublot and Brand Ambassador Release Brand New Big Bang Unico Golf Watch

In recent news, Dustin Johnson has precise timing control, amazing explosiveness, and precise controllability. With the help of Dustin Johnson, Hublot hopes to create a golf watch that combines mechanicality, durability, functionality and legibility. It is a brand concept that can express Hublot watches, but also demonstrates the personality of Dustin Johnson. The watch is… Read More »

Blancpain’s full-time calendar phase watch launched a new brand

Since its debut in 2002, the functions of the calendar, moon, and phases in both places have laid the cornerstone of Blancpain in the industry. At the Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show in 2018, Blancpain will launch a new full-time, full-time, monthly-phase watch with a brand-specific hidden adjustment button. In-depth interpretation, achievements and another… Read More »

ROLEX Explorer II Watch

No matter how senior adventurers are, it is believed that they must possess certain special equipment to survive in the wild. A full-featured, yet robust watch is essential for every adventurer. In the early 1970s, Rolex launched the first Explorer Series watch for professionals interested in the adventure industry. The model was Ref. 1655 at… Read More »

Classic Hublot Watch Berluti

“For decades, Berluti has been making progress and pursuing extraordinary techniques to create the most perfect Patina’s ancient leather. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology has led us to combine it with the exquisite mechanics of Hublot watches. The harmonious style of the foot creates the eternal elegance of modern gentlemen!” ———— Hublot… Read More »

Rolex recommended – if I have a boat

Rolex recommended -If I have a boat, then I must sail it sailing to sea, I have the opportunity to also want to participate in the competition. So at that time I would need a precise watch and be able to use it when I was sailing, and the blue and deep sea is mysterious.… Read More »