Blancpain Watch and Fairmont Le Montreux Palace

From September 26th to 27th, 2017, Dani García, the most prestigious Andalusian chef in the world, exhibited his culinary skills in two Michelin-starred chef nights. During this stay in Switzerland, the Hispanic gourmet master and the Blancpain brand friend also visited the Blancpain watchmaking workshop with great pleasure. During his time in Switzerland, Dani García… Read More »

HUBLOT Watch Big Bang Embroidered Watch

Charm and sexy, full of feminine charm Dragonfly and vine pattern The Swiss watchmaking brand HUBLOT cherishes the Swiss watchmaking tradition and is dedicated to connecting the past and the future, blending Swiss watchmaking tradition with 21st century innovation. Throughout the ages, the exquisite embroidery that highlights the ultimate feminine charm has always been irresistible,… Read More »

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 watch

Oyster Perpetual has always been Rolex’s most basic entry-level watch collection, now available in four different sizes: 26mm 31mm female models, 34mm men’s and women’s killing models, and 39mm men’s models; 39mm Oyster Perpetual launched in 2015 Colorful, burgundy, blue, grey, red wine. Black and white are the most common colors in watches, so black… Read More »

Blancpain Leman Collection Men’s Watch

Brand story Blancpain is a contemporary watchmaker specializing in fine mechanical watches and finely crafted watches. Its sense of luxury has attracted the attention of countless admirers for more than 250 years. The Blancpain watch adheres to its pure handcrafted tradition, which began in 1735, and is the gold standard for measuring watchmaking art. From… Read More »

Hublot new BIG BANG UNICO 42 mm watch

In 2010, Hublot released the self-developed UNICO 45 chronograph movement for the first time. In 2013, it was applied to the Big Bang watch series, which was completely designed, developed, produced and assembled by its own watch factory. It is a blockbuster! The UNICO HUB 1242 is a chronograph movement with a flyback function that… Read More »

Rolex watch crown original hidden important password

Generally speaking, everyone pays attention to the details of the watch. It may pay attention to the appearance, internal components, etc. Few people will go to the article on the crown, and everyone’s understanding of the watch is not comprehensive, so Rolex and other Like some hot-selling brands, it has become the darling of replica… Read More »

Blancpain Flying Tourbillon Jumping Retrograde Minutes Watch

Since Blancpain introduced the first flying tourbillon watch in 1989, the brand’s 2018 Basel International Watch Fair once again made a new interpretation of this legendary advanced complication. This year, the brand revolutionized the tourbillon technology and added two new complications, instant and retrograde, to complete the Villeret classic series of flying tourbillon jumping and… Read More »

Hublot watch introduction

Hublot, born in 1980, is the first Swiss watch brand to blend precious metals and natural rubber as raw materials. It was born in the world of watches and clocks, both in terms of watchmaking materials and the unique aesthetic concept that was interpreted by the watch. A revolution. For the first time, Hublot combined… Read More »

Antique gold plated Rolex sub

The Rolex Submariner is definitely one of collectors’ favorite series. Many new entrants and experienced collectors will be happy to choose it. Sub has been modified n times since the beginning of 1954. The more unusual features are, the more sought-after. Many Rolex antique watch collectors prefer sub calendars, which are more faithful to the… Read More »